Lancman VSPIX Hydro Press

80 liter
120 liter
170 liter
250 liter

Item only ships pallet freight, call for rate. 



Gomark's Lancman hydro press is an effective and economical means for juice extraction in small volumes. They are the perfect stepping stone for facilities that can't yet justify the cost of commercial options like hydraulic basket or membrane presses.

Hydro presses are powered by water. Just water from your garden hose. Water fills the bladder, causing it to expand and press fruit against the sides of the press. No hand cranking involved. When you're done, you can open a valve to release water and drain it.


Here's a pro tip: If the water from your hose doesn't reach the necessary pressure, you can try using a small air diaphragm pump like the Flojet G57 as a water pressure booster. Never use compressed air to fill the bladder. You may hear people saying that they've done it before because it's faster and easier than using water, but it's extremely dangerous.


  • Tray, basket, and lid made of AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Sanitary, electropolished juice contact surface
  • Wheeled trolley with swivel casters for easy movement
  • 1-4 bar pressure regulator for automatic pressing
  • Filter net included to aid in pressing
  • Hinged basket allows you to dump the press without lifting or straining
Weight & Dimensions:
  • 80 liter: 60 x 60 x 130 cm, 64 kg
  • 120 liter: 80 x 87 x 130 cm, 76 kg
  • 170 liter: 88 x 90 x 135 cm, 83 kg
  • 250 liter: 88 x 90 x 155 cm, 105 kg