Ahtanum Pellet Hops


Used for both bittering and aroma, this versatile hop was developed in the American Pacific Northwest. Since Ahtanum® can be used both for moderate bittering and a citrusy, floral aroma, it works well in an array of beer styles. It is most commonly used in Pale Ales for that perfect blend of fresh taste and mild bitterness.

With an alpha acid composition of just 5.7% to 6.3%, Ahtanum® hops can also be utilized in Lagers, IPAs, and APAs. Although this hop is easily harvested and generally available, you could also substitute Cascade or Amarillo® hops in its place.

Touches of earthy and piney notes make Ahtanum® pellet hops a versatile brewing choice, as well. See the wide range of uses in commercial brews like Sierra Nevada’s Celebration Ale and Dogfish Head’s Blood Orange Hefeweizen.