Citrogum Liquid


Citrogum® is a clear, almost colorless Gum Arabic product with a low calcium content. Citrogum® is recommended for the stabilization of wines ready for bottling and prevents the precipitation of colloids, pigments and tartrates. It integrates the colloidal content of wine, improving its balance and organoleptic features. It enhances aroma, reduces bitterness and astringency, and increases softness and body. Citrogum®’s low membrane blocking capacity (it’s the most filterable gum in the market!), purity and microbial stability ensure that it can be added with confidence at any stage during preparation for bottling. The sulfur dioxide in the preparation gives the product a long shelf life and enables direct addition to wine even after microfiltration without any risk of microbial contamination.

Application: Tartrate stabilization, reduce astringency, soften mouthfeel.

Dosage: 0.5-2 mL/L (1.9-7.6 L/1,000 gal)