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Color Tan Powder


Color-Tan Powder Fermentation Tannin
For producing wines with smooth, full body and rounded structure by reacting with unstable proteins in the must.

Higher doses add structure to tannin-deficient grapes.
Also helpful at inhibiting the browning associated with Botrytis affected grapes.
Extracted from Quebracho (condensed tannin) and Chestnut (hydrolysable tannin).
Rapidly stabilizes color.
Prevents indigenous tannins from binding with proteins and precipitating out.

Application: To be used during fermentation, ideally in two doses; at the beginning of fermentation and 2-3 days later.

Red Wines: 100-250 ppm 0.8-2.0 lbs / 1,000 gal (10-20 g/hL) or as desired up to 4 lbs / 1,000 gallons.
For optimum results the addition should be performed in two steps during fermentation: about 60% at the beginning of fermentation and 40% after 2-3 days