Endozym Cultivar


Granulated pectinase for faster settling and aroma extraction

Ideal for: Settling and aroma extraction of aromatic white juices


· Improved settling and clarification
· Increased Yield
· Aroma Extraction

Endozym Cultivar is best used at the press and during a cold soak. Not only does it have a very high ß-Glucosidase activity, but also provides a PL and PG action that is comparable to enzymes used for must settling and yield. The activity of Endozym Cultivar is reduced by low temperatures. If the grapes aren’t too rich in phenolics, the product can be added directly into the receiving line, thus allowing for good contact time with must before refrigeration. Precaution needs to be taken in order to avoid the enzyme coming into contact with high dosage levels of SO2 or bentonite.