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Endozym Flotation

Endozym Flotation


Pectinase based enzyme for fast degradation of pectins to facilitate flotation. For optimizing juice yield, and must clarification through flotation

The clarification of must using flotation systems is achieved through the incorporation of an inert gas into the solids that make up the turbidity of the liquid. The gas combines particles in suspension and makes them float towards the surface of the tank leaving a clear must at the bottom. To carry over this process successfully, it is important to first make sure that the must is thoroughly depectinized. Endozym Flotation is a fast acting liquid pectinase enzyme; it promotes the hydrolysis of the pectins and the separation of juice from the pomace, resulting in an increase of free-run juice yield and a juice that will be ready to flot in a reasonable time, preventing risks of early fermentation starts.