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Oenotanks are perfect wine tanks for small batch fermentation. If the wine is undergoing primary or malolactic fermentation in your Oenotank, we recommend the use of an Oenotank two way breather valve.



Oenotanks are the ideal wine tanks for storing wines and juice. The ultra-wide lid makes cleaning the tanks between uses a breeze. Transfer wine in and out through the lid or utilize the Tri-clover fitting provided with a butterfly drain valve. Maximize your floor space with the ability to stack the Oenotank up to 3 units high when full.



Oenotanks are great wine tanks for transporting crushed grapes, grape juice or wine. The ultra-wide lid makes it easy to fill or empty the product. The galvanized steel frame protects the wine tank and contents against most damage that can occur during transport.



With the ultra-wide lid for easy access, Oenotanks are ideal wine tanks for small batch blending. Available in four sizes from 300gal to 26gal to meet the needs of winemakers.



Oenotanks provide passive micro oxygenation performance similar to older barrels.  The skilled winemaker will be able to use Oenotanks, together with oak adjuncts, to simulate wine maturation in older  barrels. Oenotank can also be used to produce aromatic whites.