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Plantis AF-P

Lodi Wine Labs

Plantis AF-P


• A pure, gluten-free potato protein
• Removes catechins and small molecular weight polyphenols responsible for oxidation and bitterness.
• Alternative to gelatin, casein and potassium caseinate.

Recommendations: allergen free fining; vegan; treat oxidation and pinking; remove browning; reduce bitterness.

PLANTIS AF-P can be used:
For the clarification of juice, also by flotation;
For improving clarity and filterability of white, red and rosé wines;
For reducing the astringency of red wines;
For treating oxidized wines or wines sensitive to oxidation.

10-30 g/hL (0.8-2.4 lb/1,000 gal)in juice

5-20 g/hL (0.4-1.6 lb/1,000 gal) in wine