Protan Raisin


Protan Raisin is a skin tannin for extra volume and to round up oak tannins.

Ideal Use: Adding smooth structure to red wines.

Proanthocyanidin from grape skins, adds velvety smooth structure and reverses the oxidation process, absorbing aldehydes and port-like odors. Protan Raisin is a pure proanthocyanin tannin extracted from grape skins. Like all proanthocyanin tannins, skin tannins are naturally present in grapes. Protan Raisin boosts the body and mid-palate of the wine simulating extended maceration, without the downside of bitter compounds. It acts as the final receptor for color pigments and polymerizing tannins, ensuring the correct development of wine during the aging process. The presence of Protan Raisin stimulates polymerization making a wine mellow and harmonious.

Utilization: Mix in warm water (35 °C/95 °F) or wine and add directly to circulating tank or barrel

When adding Protan Raisin in a bench trial, wait for at least 3 days to evaluate. The strong flavor deriving from the extraction process gives a note that is not completely pleasant until the tannin is fully integrated into the wine. Also, give the tannin a week to integrate before filtering the wine.

Whites: 3 to 12 g/Hl (1/4-1 lb/1000 gallons)
Reds: 12-25 g/Hl (1-2lbs/1000 gallons)