Querca-Tan Blanc

Querca-Tan Blanc is extracted from the wood of Quercas robur (English oak) and Petraea (oak). Only aged barrel suitable timbers coming from the central part of France and Italy are used. Simply an extract of aged oak wood without any chemical treatment nor heating, it is the most ‘natural’ oak tannin in the oenological market. Its antioxidative properties are ideal for use at the beginning of fermentation to regulate the oxydoreductive potential, complex the oxygen, and prevent browning. Compared to the pure gallic tannins, this product gives a very mild oak aroma to the wines enhancing the mature fruit bouquet. It is designed for white and rose wines where a strong wood note cold be unpleasant. It is also exceptional for micro oxygenation, especially in wines where it is necessary to maintain the varietal fruit notes.