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Scott 30" Cartridge Housing

Scott 30" Cartridge Housing


Sanitary membrane filter housing for sterile filtration prior to bottling. Superior material and sanitary construction meets stringent beverage sterile filtration applications. Unsurpassed quality with great price. Complete set up, filter cartridge sold separately.

• Made of 316L stainless steel, electropolished
• Equipped with two sanitary pressure gauges 1 ½” TC
• Two butterfly valves and fittings are included
• Equipped with two sample valves for air bleed off
• Maximum Operating pressure 100 psi (67°F)
• Fitted for code 7, 226 o-ring filter cartridge (code 8 available
upon request)
• Filter housing has three stainless steel legs
• Single to 12 cartridge housing with swing bolt design on base
• Sterilization using in-line stream, autoclave or hot water