Seitz EK Supradisc II 16"

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Stacked disc modules have a long history in Food and Beverage applications. They arose out of the need to package sheet-based depth filter technology in more user-friendly, modular closed systems, especially for small batch production or medium flow rate applications. Due to the relative high dirt holding capacity and filtration performance of filter sheet-based products, they provided an optimal and cost-effective solution for handling food and beverage fluids.

The filtration effect of these sheet-based products is based on a combination of surface, depth, and adsorptive filtration. Selected combinations of cellulose, different types of filter aids, or other ingredients in the filter matrix result in a highly porous structure, which achieves effective filtration, including coarse to fine particle removal, colloidal removal, and final filtration.

EK: 0.45 Micron. Microorganism reduction. A slightly tighter grade for 'sterile' bottling filtration. Pre-membrane (0.45-0.65µ) filtration.