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Seitz T1000 40x40

Seitz T1000 40x40


Seitz T series depth filter sheets were developed for coarse and clarifying filtration of many fluids in the food and beverage industry. The "T" stands for technical because these filter sheets are designed for general industrial filtration duties. T 120 through T 950 are specifically designed for clarifying filtration. With their positive ZETA potential, these depth filters contain a high adsorption capacity. T 1000 through T 5500 have no ZETA potential. This range of the T series is characterized by its open structure and is well suited for filtration of high suspended solids and viscous applications. From the selection and quality control of raw materials to application of the latest production technologies, the T series filter sheets meet the highest quality standards.

T1000: 10-15 Micron. Coarse filtration and clarification.