Stainless Fusti Tank 50L/14 Gallon

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Stainless storage tanks for wine that include handles and a screw-top stainless lid with seal. Note that these are economy grade tanks and are a perfect fit as settling tanks, for short term storage, for racking out of barrels, for blending tanks, etc. but they are not great for long term storage. The problem is that the lids have molded threads and these cannot be trusted to for long term storage of high quality wines. 

When used in place of carboys for the above applications, the benefits are a larger volume capacity, no possibility of breakage, no stoppers popping out, easier cleaning, no siphoning, and the ability to move them with only 2 people.

Made from 304 type stainless steel, these tanks come with a 7.5" opening on top with a screw-top lid that seals against a gasket. There is a 1/2" BSPP female coupler on the bottom.

14.5" Diameter x 21.25" Height.


  • AISI304 Stainless Steel construction
  • 7.5" top opening and screw-top lid with silicone lid gasket
  • 1/2" BSPP female threaded bottom coupler for valve
  • 14.5" Diameter x 21.25" Height