Topping System w/ Cornelius Keg

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Keep your wine safe and ensure the integrity of your barrel with this top-up system. We're all familiar with the fact that barrels lose volume over time - in fact the evaporation that leads to this is one of the benefits of aging wine in a barrel. However, let it go too far with out topping up and the excess headspace in the barrel will cause your SO2 levels to drop and open the door to oxidative or bacterial spoilage. That is why it is essential to keep your barrel topped up at all times!

Our MoreWine! Topping system is based around the common 5 gallon Cornelius ("Corny") Keg. These kegs are relatively inexpensive, simple to work with and easy to get parts for. 5 gallons of topping wine is about the right amount to work with a new 30 gallon barrel. The best part about topping up your barrel from a keg is that the wine that remains in the keg is always protected by a layer of the inert gas that you used to push the previous wine out, so it doesn't matter how long the wine sits in the keg!

This kit includes the Argon/Nitrogen tank and regulator for you to push the wine out of the keg, and all the tubing and other parts that you need to make it work, as well as comprehensive instructions.

Kit Includes:

  • New High Quality Italian 5 gallon "Corny" keg
  • 20 cu. ft. Argon/Nitrogen tank
  • Argon/Nitrogen regulator
  • Tubing and hardware to connect the gas regulator to the keg
  • Tubing and hardware to dispense wine from the keg into your barrel
  • Cleaning brush for your dispense line
  • Comprehensive instructions for assembly and use