TCW Topping System w/ Keg

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The TCW Barrel Topping System is a gentle way to move wine, beer, or other barreled beverages. It prevents the churning associated with pumping, and protects the liquid with inert gas.

What's Included:

1 x Topping Straw with inert gas inlet and wine outlet
25 feet of topping hose
Short hose length to connect your inert gas tank to the topping keg
1 x Topping Gun
1 x Pressure relief valve to avoid over-pressurizing your keg with inert gas
Valved quick disconnect fittings that allow you to disconnect your topping hose and maintain a blanket of inert gas inside the keg
Tri clamp fittings and gaskets to connect the topping system to your keg
15.5 gallon stainless steel keg
Heavy-duty Topping Cart: Essential to keep you from lugging around a full keg and a tank of inert gas. The cart is made here at TCW of all stainless steel tubing. It features a tool tray and gas tank support.

What's Sold Separately:

Gas regulator - Nitrogen or Argon
Inert gas – Buy from your local gas supplier.

Fixed or adjustable height straw: Adjustable height straws allow you to pull from above lees, and to use the topping system with other 2" TC kegs you may have purchased elsewhere. Fixed height straws are designed to fit in TCW Tri Clamp Kegs.