Ultimate Beer Brewer's Kit

Lodi Wine Labs Ultimate Beer Brew Kit

What’s included?

  • Beer bottle brush, carboy brush
  • 144qty Gold Crown Caps and “Emily” wing capper
  • Stainless Steel 60qt brew kettle
  • Brewers Best Element Burner
  • Star San 4oz
  • Brew b’rick ABS of Stone Fruit beer ingredient kit
  • (2) 6.5 gallon drilled buckets with spigots, lids and (3) sparging bags
  • PET Plastic Carboy 6g and Brew Hauler Strap
  • Triple Scale Hydrometer
  • 12” Glass Thermometer
  • How to Brew Book
  • Fermometer Adhesive Strip
  • 3/8” Springless Bottle Filler
  • Stainless Brew Spoon 24”


Price: $395

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