2.5 hL
25 hL
250 hL

Red, White

O. oeni adapted to high SO₂ and high alcohol; enhances complexity and mouthfeel

  • Lalvin MBR VP41® was isolated in Italy during an extensive European Union collaboration.
  • Performs well at a pH above 3.2 and a total SO2 level of 50-60 ppm. In temperatures below 16ºC(61ºF) it is a slow starter but can complete fermentation.
  • Chosen for its strong implantation, steady fermenta­tion, high alcohol tolerance (up to 15.5% v/v), en­hanced mouthfeel and wine structure.
  • Both red and white wines fermented with VP41 have increased richness and complexity.

apple sihouette.jpgAlso good for cider.

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