Standard Panel


An essential and routine set of analysis for monitoring your product beginning with fermentation all the way through bottling that will assist in vital decision-making.  

Alcohol by Volume
(Units: % vol, Technique: NIR)

pH Analysis
(Units: g/L, Technique: Manual)

Titratable Acidity (TA)
(Units: g/L, Technique: Auto-Titration)

Volatile Acidity VA (as Acetic Acid)
(Units: g/L, Technique: Enzymatic)

Malic Acid (ML)
(Units: g/L, Technique: Enzymatic)

Glucose + Fructose
(Units: g/L, Technique: Enzymatic)

Free & Total Sulfur Dioxide (SO2)
(Units: mg/L, Technique: Aeration Oxidation)