Bentonite Fining Trial


A Bentonite Trial is a highly effective method to develop a heat stable product. It is designed to determine the appropriate addition of bentonite for removal of proteins that can cause a visible haze or flocculation. Several addition rates are made followed by a heat stability test of the treated samples.  These results will identify the lowest addition rate of bentonite that will be required to heat stabilize the wine. 

Minimum Volume Required: 375mL

Bentonite Trial
(Units: NTU, Technique: Incubation + Turbidimeter

Note : We use KWK Bentonite in dosage rates of 2#, 4#, 6#, 8# and 10# for standard heat stability trials. 

If you are using a different bentonite, please send 10 grams with your sample for lab preparation of the slurry.

If you would like a specific range of dosage rates, please note this on the sample label.