1-Step VP41 Malo Kit

2600 gallon
500 HL

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The 1-Step® VP41 (same strain as Lalvin MBR VP41) starter kit combines a highly effective malolactic starter culture with an activator to induce malolactic fermentation in an 18–24 hour build-up procedure.

VP41 has proven effective at high alcohol levels (up to 16% v/v), pH above 3.1, total SO2 up to 60 ppm, and temperature down to 16°C(61°F).

1-Step® cultures are improved versions of an old concept. The purpose is to provide winemakers with a product that combines the economy and activity of standard strains with a degree of the convenience associated with the direct inoculation strains.

In lieu of direct inoculation or prolonged build-up, a simple 18–24 hour acclimatization step is required using a culture of Oenococcus oeni and an activator (included in the kits). 1-Step cultures are a good choice when efficiency and cost management are essential. The 1-Step cultures can also be used to restart a stuck or sluggish MLF.

None of our commercial ML strains contain the decarboxylase enzymes known to produce biogenic amines