Actimax Natura

1 kg
10 kg


Organic nitrogen, constituted by amino acids, is deficient in most alcoholic fermentation processes. Actimax NATURA provides a balanced supply of amino acids and vitamins in the initial fermentation phase, reducing the appearance of problems in the final phase. The availability of amino acids optimizes the organoleptic quality of wines. On the one hand, amino acids are precursors of fermentative aromas. On the other hand, the balanced supply of amino acids allows for a correct synthesis of the enzymes responsible for the development of varietal precursors (glycosidases, lyases). In addition, it limits the production of hydrogen sulfide and thus prevents the generation of reduction defects. The correction of the AFN with this preparation does not present any risk of temperature rise or sensory deviations.

Provides amino acids for the generation of transport proteins and enzymes. Ensures the content of readily assimilable nitrogen (NFA) thus avoiding the need to use ammonium salts.

This alcoholic fermentation nutrient is the result of research carried out within the CENITDEMETER Project (2008-2011) Viticultural and enological strategies and methods in the face of climate change. Application of new technologies to improve the efficiency of the resulting processes, within the specific lines of work carried out with the Rovira i Virgili University and the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC).


It is used before the start of alcoholic fermentation, before or during the application of the yeast strain. The application of this nutrient stimulates yeast populations in any processing, marking their qualitative abilities. It is particularly recommended:

  • In the elaboration of red varieties with a high probable alcohol content and overripe grapes.
  • Must for the production of white and rosé wines at low temperature.
  • Very clarified musts of white varieties.
  • In any type of processing to optimize the characteristics of the yeast strain used.
  • To enhance varietal expression in white, rosé and red wines.


20-30 g/hl