Alchemy II

1 Kg

Sauvignon Blanc, Colombard, Chenin Blanc

S. cerevisiae • blend
Scientifically formulated blend of wine yeast strains developed in collaboration with the Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI) in South Australia. VIN 7 is one of the strains in the blend. See VIN 7 for more specifics regarding requirements and kinetics. Alchemy II delivers the aromatics of VIN 7 with strong fermentation security.
Aromatic with fast fermentation kinetics (temperature control is recommended). It is a low SO2 producer with medium nitrogen requirements.
Alchemy II enhances mostly volatile thiols (boxwood, passion fruit, grapefruit, gooseberry and guava aromas) and is recommended for cool tank fermentation of Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand, South African or Chilean styles).
The ratio of the yeast in the blend has been formulated to provide an optimal aromatic profile.