1 kg
Barrel - 100g
Carboy - 10g

Yeast cell wall extract (mannoproteins) rich in sweet peptide fraction and vegetal polysaccharides (arabic gum).

AUTOLEES® provides detailed understanding on the natural phenomena associated with aging wine on lees and with the colloidal action of certain polysaccharides on wine. The proprietary composition of AUTOLEES® improves smoothness in wines (red and rosé) allowing the winemaker to delicately balance both acidity and bitterness.

• During wine maturation (with or without lees).
• During the preparation of the wine prior to bottling.
• Contributes to wine stabilisation by preventing potassium bitartrate salts precipitation.

• Between 5 and 30 g/hL (50 - 300 ppm) depending on the desired effect