Butterfly Valve T.C. - Ball Pull Handle

  • Uses:
  • ● These Pull Trigger Valves are used as an "ON" or "OFF" type of mechanism , whereas TC Ball Valves are better for flow rate control.
  • ● For this reason In Brewing systems they are favored on fermenters, vessel outlets and other similar applications, where Cleanliness and Cleaning in Place is favored.
  • Advantages:
  • ● The first choice in sanitary valves to be cleaned in place (CIP) making them widely used in Food & Beverage, Dairy and Brewing.
  • ● Butterfly Valves are quick and easy to install since they are more compact in length and weigh less than TC Ball Valves.
  • Cleaning:
  • ● These Valves can be cleaned in place (CIP) since there are no cavities for dirty particles to be trapped in.
  • Operation:
  • ● This Tri-Clamp Butterfly Valve has a Pull-trigger lock and can be locked into 3 different positions.
  • ● The pull trigger handle is pulled to unlock it, and then moved to the desired position.
  • ● In this way the valve gate and can be rotated 180 degrees allowing it to be closed on either side.
  • Full Port:
  • ● Full port ensures that the tube diameter remains constant throughout the legnth of the valve.
  • Handles:
  •  Consists of a Stainless Steel cylindrical handle with a blue plastic ball on the end.
  •  Handle is pulled in the direction of ball to unlock positions.
  • Materials:
  • ● Manufactured from High Grade stainless steel 304. (316 options available for special request)