Bentonite KWK Krystal Klear

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Bentonite KWK Krystal Klear, also known as Volclay KWK Krystal Klear, is a fine granular sodium bentonite with an average dry particle size ranging between 20 and 70 mesh and has superior adsorption and clarifying characteristics for use in the clarification of wine, juice or cider.

Bentonite KWK Krystal Klear attracts positively charged particals to help settle out proteins that can lead to cloudiness in the bottle. Bentonite KWK Krystal Klear can be rehydrated in hot of cold water and can be used at any stage in the wine making process.

Used for the removal of unstable proteins in wine and juice.
KWK Krystal Klear is a negatively charged clay colloid and reacts with positively charged proteins, precipitating them from the wine.
Superior adsorption and clarifying characteristics
Can be rehydrated in either hot or cold water.

Other names: Volclay KWK Krystal Klear

Application: At any stage during the winemaking process.

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