Kegland pH Meter


  • Water chemistry is key to brewing the best beer possible, and that's where a pH meter becomes an essential tool
  • Measure your strike water's pH and make informed brewing salt additions to provide the ideal environment for enzymatic activity during the mash
  • Digital display is easy-to-read and provides instant test results—no need to do a color comparison like with pH strips
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation adjusts the results based on the temperature of the sample so you don't need to cool the sample before taking a reading
  • Electrode is protected by a waterproof cap so your storage solution won't evaporate and dry out the electrode

The KegLand pH Meter will get you a very accurate reading with its 0.01 pH resolution. The calibration process couldn't be easier to perform, just place the probe in the buffer solution closest to pH of the sample you'll be testing and press the button! This pH meter also includes ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation) so you don't have to get your sample all the way down to room temperature before you take your reading. 

3-point calibration allows this unit to be calibrated at three different standard levels - 4.00, 6.86 or 9.18. These standards are included with the pH meter, and refill packs are also available.

The pH meter features a replaceable probe in case yours is lost or damaged. Homebrewing can be a tough environment for your pH probe so we feel you shouldn't have to buy a whole new pH meter everytime your probe breaks. The cap that holds the probe storage solution has a very tight seal and should prevent your probe from drying out while not in use. Don't worry about getting this meter wet either, because the entire unit is waterproof!


  • Replaceable probe
  • ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation)
  • Waterproof electrode cap
  • Accurate to 0.01 pH
  • Easy 3 point calibration
  • LR44/AG13 batteries included

Kegland Part Number: KL04169

NOTE: Upon first time use prior to calibration, rehydration of the electrode with MT624B is essential to get an accurate reading for correct calibration.