500 g


Torulaspora delbrueckii


The Torulaspora delbrueckii isolate Biodiva was initially sold in North American in a kit (Level2D) in which it was partnered with a specific S. cerevisiae strain. Based upon market feedback the Biodiva isolate is now available by itself. Winemakers can match it with a compatible S. cerevisiae of their choosing for both red and white wines. The result is that winemakers can now mimic the best of wild fermentations in a controlled setting.

Following an inoculation of Biodiva (Torulaspora delbrueckii) with an inoculation of an appropriate S. cerevisiae leads to an increase in ester levels while helping to promote a complete and clean fermentation. Resulting wines commonly have more intense aromas, mouthfeel and complexity.

S. cerevisiae strains compatible with Biodiva are 43, BDX, ICV D254, L2056, QA23, and VRB.

Storage: Store for 24 months at 4°C (39°F). Use immediately once opened.