Claril SP

Carboy - 23g
Barrel - 225g
1 kg
10 Kg

Complex clarifying agent consisting of bentonite, PVPP, potassium caseinate and silica. It is recommended for the prevention and curing of oxidative phenomena associated with phenolic components of must and wine. Wines treated with CLARIL SP have a more intense and elegant nose, and possess a better aging capacity. It can also be used to increase clarity and reduce bitter sensations.

White must: 50 90 g/100L (4,2 -7,5 lb/1000 gal)
White and red wines: 30 80 g/100L ( 2,4 6,6 lb/1000 gal)
Must and wine rich in polyphenols and unstable proteins: 100 150 g/100L (8,3 12,5
lb/1000 gal)
To choose the correct dose levels, test the product first in the laboratory using incremental doses of CLARIL SP.