Color Pro

100 g
1 kg
25 kg

Macerating enzyme for aged and early-to-market reds, whites

Scottzyme® Color Pro is a specialty pectinase with pro­tease side-activities. These side-activities are important for helping break down the cell walls of red grapes to gently extract more anthocyanins, polymeric phenols and tannins. This gentle extraction creates wines that are rounder in mouthfeel and bigger in structure, with improved color stability. Wines made with Color Pro tend to have increased tannins, improved clarity and reduced herbaceous or “veggie” character. Lower doses of Color Pro are recommended for red varieties that are underripe, low in anthocyanins or high in seed tannins. For “big” reds from ripe fruit with mature seeds, higher doses of Color Pro are recommended.

Color Pro is also used in white winemaking for settling and clarifying juice. The improved clarifica­tion helps lead to more compact lees, less fining, cleaner fermentation and easier filtration.