Cristalline Plus

1 Kg
100 g

White, Rosé, Fruit

Isinglass clarification treatment

Cristalline Plus is a blend of isinglass and citric acid stabilized with potassium metabisulfite. It has a high positive charge and can improve clarity and filterability even in very difficult wines (such as wines made with botrytised grapes). Cristalline Plus is not sensitive to cold temperatures and may be slow to complete settling.

To Use: Dissolve Cristalline Plus in 150-200 times its weight in water (15-20ºC/59-68ºF). Allow to swell for 3 hours. Add additional water if solution is too viscous. Add homogenized solution to wine, taking care to mix well. Rack once lees are well settled.

Storage: Dated expiration. Store in a dry, odor-free environment below 25ºC(77ºF).

Recommended Dosage 

15-30 ppm 1.5-3 g/hL 0.12-0.25 lb/1000 gal

NOTE: Bench trials recommended.