EnartisTan Antibotrytis

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EnartisTan Antibotrytis

  • Mixture of gallic tannins and ellagic chestnut tannin.
  • Intense antioxidant, antiradical and antioxidasic properties, it protects color and aromatic compounds from oxidation with a long lasting effect.
  • Protects from oxidation, limits oxidasic enzyme activities and strengthens the protective action of SO2.

Recommendations: “Sacrificial” tannin; antioxidant; antioxidasic; moldy grapes; white, rosé, sparkling and red wines.
Dosage: White and red grapes: 50-200 g/ton
                 Juice: 3-20 g/hL (0.25-1.7 lb/1,000 gal)
                 Wine: 2-10 g/hL (0.2-0.8 lb/1,000 gal)