Endozym Active

500 g

Granulated pectinase for cold settling, or for the preparation of musts to be processed with flotation.

Ideal for: Settling white juice, juices destined for flotation


· Improved clarification and compaction of white juice
· Increased yield
· Improved protein stability

Endozym Active, promotes the hydrolysis of the pectic chains, facilitating the drainage of juice from pomace and resulting in an increase of free-run juice as a result of its pectolytic and polygalacturonasic action. Clarification of musts and wines is accelerated, resulting in more compact lees. As a result of a cleaner must, the wine will be more protein stable.The activity of Endozym Active is reduced by lower temperatures. If the grapes are not too rich in phenolics, the product can be added directly into the receiving line, thus allowing for good contact time with must before refrigeration. Precaution needs to be taken in order to avoid the enzyme coming into contact with high dosage levels of SO2 or bentonite.