Endozym ICS 10 Rouge


Color and maceration enzyme

Ideal For: Cold soaking red musts


· Improved structure and color extraction
· Improved clarification and settling
· Increased yield of free run juice

Endozym ICS 10 Rouge comes in the form of a super concentrated liquid. It contains 20,000 Pectinlyase units, making this product’s clarification activity significantly greater than any other product. It has been specifically formulated to breakdown grape pectin chains, enabling a rapid reduction of must viscosity and provides fast sedimentation. With the utilization of this preparation, yields in free run juice are increased and more compact sediments are obtained. The secondary activities (cellulase, polygalacturonase and hemicellulase) that characterize this product, allow it to penetrate the cellular walls, enabling rapid color extraction. Wines will be more structured and complex. The pomace treated with this enzyme displays a higher permeability and increases the free-run juice quality and quantity.