Enoferm Beta Co-Inoc

25 hL
250 hL

Co-inoculation strain for fresh and fruit-forward wines

BETA CO-INOC™ is recommended for fresh, fruit-forward wines. This strain was specifically selected by Lallemand Oenology for reliable malic acid consumption, low diacetyl (buttery aromas), and low VA production.

  • Slow to start but finishes fast
  • Co-inoculation results in faster completion of malolactic fermentation compared to sequential inoculation, meaning wines can be stabilized quicker
  • Add BETA CO-INOC 24-48 hours post yeast inoculation. Not recommended for use in a sequential MLF
  • Recommended temperature at inoculation is between 18–25°C (64–77°F) and recommended ongoing temperatures are between 14–28°C (57–82°F)
  • Oenococcus oeni strain isolated from the Abruzzi region of Italy
  • PRO-TIP: If alcoholic fermentation is sluggish or stuck, it may be necessary to add BACTILESS™ (500 g) | Scott Laboratories or DELVOZYME® (Lysozyme) (5 kg) | Scott Laboratories so that bacteria do not consume sugar and produce VA. This is especially important if the pH is >3.5.

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