Fermol Complete Killer

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500 g

Recommended for Stuck restart and methode champenoise or charmat.

Selected for AEB by Pascal Biotech® from grapes picked in Bourgogne region.

Nutrient requirements: medium-low

This is very versatile yeast, effective both in primary fermentation and in the re-start of stuck ones. It is considered a fructo-phylic yeast (consumes fructose, the sugar usually left behind in stuck fermentations). It is resistant to very high temperatures and high alcohol (34°C, 94°F and 17.5% alcohol). The cells flocculate very well and the wine is easy to filter just a few days after the end of the fermentation.

It produces moderate amounts of SO2 and glycerol. Glycerol production is much higher at high fermentation temperatures (28C/82F)