Fermonster / Carboy Carrier

Save every drop, and your back as well. Thanks to sturdy construction of heavy-duty polypropylene straps, the Fermonster Carboy Carrier will help you effortlessly cradle up to 100 lb* of your finest wine or beer into storage or transport without worrying about spillage.
The carrier comes with two handles. The short one is for lifting and the longer one is for moving your product. The materials are washable, making cleanup very simple.
The clasp design makes fastening and unfastening the Fermonster Carboy Carrier incredibly quick and simple. Once the clasp has been added to your carboy, it never needs to be removed - except for cleaning.
Compatible with Fermonsters, PET and Glass Carboys sized 3 gallon and above.
*Certified for over 6000 uses at 110 kg (240 lb) by Polymer Engineering Company Ltd.
  • Do not expose to sunlight for long periods of time
  • Machine wash safe, but only at low temperatures
  • Do not use bleach for cleaning
  • Dry in the shade (hang dry)
  • Do not iron