1 kg
Barrel - 70g
Carboy - 7g
5 kg

Specific preparation of inactivated yeast with high protective power (5,3%), for aroma preservation in white and rosé wines

Thanks to its unique reducing metabolite and glutathione composition, FRESHAROM® is able to:

  • Allow the yeast to assimilate glutathione precursors (cysteine, N-acetyl cysteine) during AF, and so boost wine glutathione content.

  • Protect the aromatic potential of the wine and significantly delay the appearance of oxides notes (ageing aromas : sotolon and phenylacetaldehyde).

  • Inhibits the mecanism of browning.

  • Favors yeast nutrition during alcoholic fermentation.

FRESHAROM® produces wines that are more aromatic and with a higher potential for ageing.