FT Blanc

Carboy - 5g
Barrel - 45g
1 kg
5 kg

White, Rosé, Red, Fruit, Cider

Protection from oxidation
Scott’TanTM FT Blanc tannin is a white gall nut tannin specifically formulated for use on grapes with mold or rot (e.g. Botrytis). It helps protect juice from browning by acting as an anti-oxidant and inhibiting laccase activity. On sound grapes FT Blanc is an effective anti-oxidant when used with SO2. In protein rich varieties, such as Sauvignon Blanc, FT Blanc can help remove proteins. In some wines it will also contribute notes of minerality.

To Use: Add FT Blanc by sprinkling directly on the grapes at the crusher or by adding to the juice or the wine during a tank mixing. Good homogeni­zation is important. If an addition of FT Blanc is made post-fermentation, we recommend waiting 3-6 weeks after the tannin addition before racking, fining, filtering or bottling.

Storage: Dated expiration. Unopened the shelf life is 5 years at 18ºC(65ºF). Once opened keep tightly sealed and dry.

Recommended Dosage
50-150 ppm 5-15 g/hL 0.42-1.2 lb/1000 gal
50-300 ppm 5-30 g/hL 0.42-2.5 lb/1000 gal
50-300 ppm 5-30 g/hL 0.42-2.5 lb/1000 gal
50-200 ppm 5-20 g/hL 0.42-1.6 lb/1000 gal