Gaia Yeast


For managing spoilage risks when transporting grapes or juice, or cold soaking reds

Gaia is non-fermentative but implants and multiples quickly, controlling the production of ethyl acetate and acetic acid from Kloeckera apiculata, acetic acid bacteria, and other native microflora. Gaia can protect your grapes during a pre-fermentation cold soak for up to five days if the temperature is <10°C(50°F). Although Gaia was selected for its use as a bioprotectant, it can also help to preserve fruit characteristics and aroma.


Rehydration of Gaia is done at 30°C (86°F) and does not require a rehydration nutrient. Slowly combine an equal amount of juice into rehydration solution to avoid cold shock. Total rehydration time should not exceed 45minutes. After cold soak, add selected Saccharaomyces cerevisiae with standard yeast rehydration protocol. Use of Gaia needs to be followed by an S. cerevisiae strain to complete alcoholic fermentation. 

Store for 24 months at 4-11°C (39-52°F). Once opened use immediately.