Gecoll Supra

1.05 Kg

GECOLL SUPRA is characterised by a high and stable surface charge density depending on the pH.
GECOLL SUPRA is a fining agent intended for:
• Promoting the organoleptic potential of wines. GECOLL SUPRA eliminates the tannins which are responsible for aggressive or astringent characteristics, and restores roundness and suppleness in wine with no aromatic expression modification.
• Stabilising the colloidal state (colouring matter stabilisation).
• Clarifying wines and musts, by eliminating haze particles.

GECOLL SUPRA is recommended for treating:
• red wines of high cellaring potential, primeur red wines with highly reactive tannins.
• rosé wines (and dry or sweet white wines).
GECOLL SUPRA favours clarification of must during settling and contributes to softening of the final pressings.

Average dosage: 40 to 100 mL/hL