ICV Elios 1

25 hL
250 hL


O. oeni adapted to high alcohol; contributes to tannin and mouthfeel intensity

  • Lalvin MBR ICV Elios 1® was isolated by the ICV from a spontaneous malolactic fermentation for use in warm region red wines with high alcohol (15.5% v/v) and high pH.
  • Performs well when pH is above 3.4, temperatures are 18-25ºC(64-77ºF) and total SO2 levels are <50 ppm.
  • This strain was evaluated against other Oenococcus oenistrains and was found to have a superior sensory profile.
  • Contributes to the mouthfeel of the finished wine by enhancing the perception of overall tannin intensity while avoiding green and vegetative characters.

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