Lafazym CL

100 g

Highly concentrated preparation of pectolytic enzymes, purified in CE, for rapid clarification of white and rosé must as well as red press wines.

Lafazym CL is an enzymatic preparation purified from cinnamoyl esterase activity. It limits the formation of vinylphenols (medicinal, paint, clove notes…) from free phenolic acids in white grapes.
Completely hydrolyses grape pectins in musts and wines.
Active under extreme conditions (low pH, high pectin content, high yield, low temperatures from 5 to 10°C, 41 to 50°F).
Improves clarification, reduces lees volume, improves lees settling and compaction.
Contributes to better management of physical treatments (cold system, centrifugation, filtration), thus production costs.