Laktia Yeast

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Naturally acidifies grapes lacking acidity

Laktia™ is a pure culture of Lachancea thermotolerans isolated from the Rioja region of Spain. It is added at the beginning of fermentation where it produces lactic acid from sugar, bringing a freshness and aromatic complexity to wines. Laktia gives winemakers an interesting blending opportunity for wines lacking in acidity. Laktia is recommended for red musts but has been used successfully used in whites.

Although Laktia produces some alcohol, it does not have the ability to complete the alcoholic fermentation. It must be followed up after 24-72 hours with S. cerevisiae.

It is important to note that lactic acid > 3 g/L can inhibit malolactic bacteria.

Recommended Dosage:  
250 ppm| 25 g/hL | 2 lb/1000 gal

Prior to inoculation ensure the free SO2 is <15ppm, temperature >17°C(63°F) and YAN >150ppm. Rehydrate Laktia in ten times its weight of chlorine-free, 30°C(86°F) water and stir gently. After 15 minutes stir gently again. Slowly combine some of the must with the rehydrated yeast to drop the temperature 10°C(18°F) and hold for 15 minutes. This step may need repeating until you are within 10°C(18°F) of the must temperature, however, the process should not exceed 45 minutes. 

After 24 hours a compatible S. cerevisiae strain should be inoculated following the recommended Saccharomyces rehydration protocol (see pg 36) and using Go-Ferm Protect Evolution™. Due to consumption of nitrogen by Laktia, YAN should be measured and supplemented as necessary when Saccharomyces is inoculated.

Store in a cool, dry environment. Once opened use immediately.