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Barrel - 125g
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Protects fresh aromas

Opti-WHITE® is certified organic by OMRI. Lallemand introduced this natural yeast derivative nutrient for use in white wine production after an extensive three-year research program. When added to the juice at the onset of fermentation, Opti-WHITE enhances smoothness, helps avoid browning from oxidation and protects fresh aromas during aging. Opti-WHITE is made using a specific production process that results in a yeast de­rivative rich in polysaccharides and high in anti-oxidant peptides (glutathione). These anti-oxidative properties work synergistically with SO2 allowing the winemaker to potentially lower the SO2 dosage. Opti-WHITE may also be added in the last stages of alcoholic fermentation to help bring out flavor profiles often associated with aging on lees.

To Use: Mix Opti-WHITE in 10 times its weight in juice or water. Add to the juice after settling or directly to the barrel or tank prior to the onset of fermentation. If adding during the late stages of alcoholic fermenta­tion, add during a tank mixing for proper homogeniza­tion. This product is partially soluble. Stir to maintain suspension before and during addition.

Storage: Dated expiration. Store at 18°C(65°F). Once opened, keep tightly sealed and dry.

Recommended Dosage
25-50 g/hL* 2-4 lb/1000 gal