Carboy - 5g
500 g
Barrel - 45g

Red, white and rose wines - Ageing.

Stave wood quality ellagic tannins, extracted from oak heartwood, QUERTANIN® is a high quality complex ellagitannin preparation, which:
Enhances the wine structure and palate length.
Protects wine with regards to oxidation.
Increases the wine’s aromatic intensity.
Eliminates reductive odours.
Regulate oxidation-reduction phenomena during maturation in barrels or during micro-oxygenation.
Preserve wine freshness during preparation for bottling.
Treat wines showing reductive characteristics.
Create an environment rich in ellagic tannins in used barrels, similar to that of new barrels.

Preservation of aromatic freshness in white and rosé wine: 3 to 5 g/hL (30 - 50 ppm)
Wine structure: 5 to 20 g/hL (50 - 200 ppm)
During maturation, at each pump over: 3 to 5 g/hL (30 - 500 ppm)
Micro-oxygenation treatment: 5 to 10 g/hL (50 - 100 ppm)
Elimination of reductive odours: 5 to 10 g/hL (50 - 100 ppm)