Quertanin Sweet

Carboy - 5g
Barrel - 45g
500 g

Red, rose and white wine - Aging

QUERTANIN® SWEET is preparation of high quality toasted oak tannin. Enhances wine mouthfeel, roundness and palate length. Stave wood quality ellagic tannins, extracted from oak heartwood for post-vinification use in red, rosé and white wine.

QUERTANIN® SWEET is a high quality complex ellagitannin preparation to enhance wine structure and palate length:
• Regulates oxidation-reduction phenomena during maturation in barrels or during micro-oxygenation.
• Creates an environment rich in ellagic tannins in used barrels, similar to that of new barrels.
• Improves clarification.

• Preservation of aromatic freshness in white and rosé wine: 2 to 5 g/hL (20 - 100 ppm)
• Red wine maturation: 5 to 20 g/hL (50 - 150 ppm)