Vinmetrica SC-300 SO2 & pH/TA Kit


The SC-300 analyzer gives accurate SO2, pH and TA values. Kit includes everything to perform about 50 sulfite tests and 30 TA tests: both electrodes, all reagents, pipettes, syringe and beaker.

Complete Wine Testing Kit: Includes Everything Needed to Analyze Sulfite (SO2), pH and TA (Titratable Acidity) levels in Your Wines & Musts:

The SC-300 SO2 & pH/TA Meter
SO2 & pH/TA reagent sets
Two titration beakers
Two 5 mL syringes
Two transfer pipettes
a SO2 electrode
a pH electrode
25 mL sampling pipette (for SO2)
5 mL sampling pipette (for pH/TA)
The Vinmetrica SC-300 Manual