25 hL


Silky mouthfeel, aromatic balance, and good oak integration

LALVIN SILKA™ is recognized for its positive impact on aromas and mouthfeel as it can minimize astringency and bitterness, quickly integrates tannins, and masks herbaceous and green flavors, resulting in well-balanced red wines.

  • Accentuates aromas of chocolate, vanilla, and oak toast, balanced by aromas and flavors of red currant, blackberry, and cherry
  • SILKA has a moderate nutrient demand and benefits from the malolactic fermentation nutrient ML REDBOOST™
  • Selected for its unique sensory characteristics, steady fermentation kinetics, and tolerance of challenging winemaking environments
  • Oenococcus oeni isolated in La Rioja, Spain and selected by the Instituto de Ciencias de la Vid y del Vino (ICVV) 

Alcohol Tolerance:<16%
Total SO2:<60ppm
Frequently used in: medium and full-bodied red wines that are fermented or aged in oak

Usage: Add directly to wine and mix thoroughly.
Storage: Dated expiration. For short term (<18 months) store at 4°C (39°F). For long term (>18 months) store at –18°C (0°F).