Superfood® provides the nutritious supplements yeasts need for growth and survival during the anaerobic stress of fermentation, in doses that are most advantageous. Superfood contains primary-grown, FULLY autolyzed yeast extract and yeast hulls. Superfood, containing a variety of nitrogen sources, is MUCH better for yeasts than just DAP and better than other blends. Superfood includes 32.5% DAP, but most nutrient blends have much more DAP (45% up to almost 100%).

Use: For most fermentations.

Contains: Yeast Hulls, DAP, Yeast Extract, Vitamins


  • For high risk fermentations:
    • 500 ppm (4#/1000 gallons)

See addition chart (PRODUCT SPECS TAB) to adjust addition rates with measured initial YAN

Supplies 12 ppm YAN at 1 # per 1000 gallons (12 g/hL)